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24 Jan

Small business ideas, but profitable for Romania

After more than two and a half decades of democracy in which all tested novel taste capitalism (some more, some less), increase the number of interested parties to open their own business. Romania XXI century is full of entrepreneurs, businessmen and companies, some of them only on paper. And one of the criteria

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20 November

Accounting firm - How important is customer in a business?

We are an accounting firm in Bucharest, can just any one of a thousand recorded in CECCAR. Maybe we should talk in eclusivitate about records, invoices, orders, due and other "paperwork" or "stuff" that only an accountant is familiar. Instead, we chose to talk and arguments about something

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05 October

National Day of accountant in Bucharest

An event already popular among professionals, accountants and others, took place on 21 September in Bucharest. Celebration, initiated after more than a decade, was meant to be from the very beginning an "excuse" to celebrate CECCAR members. In just a few days ago, each specialist

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22 August

You know what obstacles blocking the success of SMEs?

Have you ever thought why you fail to affirm professionally is due to several obstacles? Not so you do not know? Fortunately, there are new team of specialists in accounting, always available to answer your concerns that you face daily, but that it's hard unravels them.

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02 August

"Portrait" successful entrepreneur

Are you interested to have your own business, but you are foreign notions about founding companies and do not have accounting knowledge? Despite these "shortcomings", you think you own at least some of "qualities" suitable "title" entrepreneur? Before you launch the business, we thought we'd give you a helping hand. Perhaps this

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27 Jun

Questions to answer before you look for a sheet

How many times have you wondered if you choose the right accountant? Or if you could find one with lower rates, which in turn offers services as qualitative? Hypothetically, there is always a provider of accounting services with more experience than you've already committed to handle

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21 Jun

4 Things that help you succeed in business

Can you believe that some entrepreneurs who have succeeded in business, were born lucky ... But no, nobody is born so, but can become. The condition is to know some things that you can save before you are on the brink. With the support of the team at accounting firm Accounting Office, we propose

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09 May

Because companies increasingly lose value?

Because companies increasingly lose value? Nothing lasts forever. Or if you like, that depends understand each by "always". The best example is even company accounting Bucharest. Today we are on a roll, but tomorrow, where we will be? Unfortunately, even a thriving business gradually can lose value

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