Business establishment

Although you do not have knowledge of accounting and about business establishment know even less, you want to put up his own business, which has a launch in the shortest time?


Initiating a business is not always an easy task with a clear course. Most times, the route is quite long and twisted objectives difficult to achieve.



Incorporation of companies - from PFA, the SA and SCA

As long as you order your requests referred to business establishmentPerhaps you are looking for services:

  • Which will release Faced with complicated and stress bureaucratic practices;
  • To permit rapid development and launching companies without financial harm;
  • Economic, more profitable in terms of tariff plan practiced;
  • Including expert advice on choosing the type of society;
  • That will guide and after completion of the procedures for creating and launching the business.


Founding firms - Legal form

Assisted by our professionals, once identified the most appropriate legal form, you can lay the cornerstone of any type of company or company required by law, as follows:

Authorized person - PFA

Represents the simplest legal form, it is recommended for more restricted activities that do not require significant investments.

Individual enterprise - II

Without having legal personality, it may be established by an individual, who is able to engage third parties.

Family association - AF

Also a form of organization without legal personality, can be performed by an entrepreneur with his family.

Limited liability company - SRL

It is a limited company, legal personality endowed with the advantage that social obligations are directly proportional to each shareholder heritage.

Limited partnership - SCS

That partnership (with commercial or non commercial) comprises two types of partners: comanditatii with unlimited liability and limited partners who respond limit social obligations.

General partnership - SNC

This typology is adopted when two or more people want to conduct a commercial activity. Here, the responsibility of each partner is unlimited.

Joint stock company - SA

It is about the classic model 'inspire' capital companies, has a perfect patrimonial autonomy. Participation associates (shareholders) is limited subscribed capital divided into shares.

Company limited by shares - SCA

Derived from limited partnerships, joint stock company gathers and characteristics, consisting of two categories of partners (limited partners and limited partners). Participation shares are represented by shares.

Founding firms - main stage

  • Select and reserve the company name / company;
  • Establish the business, according to the NACE code;
  • Choose the legal form of the abovementioned list;
  • Together with the customer, choose the type of tax that will be paid (for micro 3% of income, and the remaining 16% of profit societies);
  • Specify whether the company or not VAT payers;
  • Associations decide typology and their number (of course, where applicable);
  • We create and compile the constitutive act of the company;
  • Bank deposit amount representing capital;
  • We handle paying all legal fees
  • Also with the customer, we decide who will be the head office.

Accountant Office team also deals business establishmentNot only accounting services, assistance and tax consulting, payroll or accounting expertise. And if you are thinking to go into business as PFA or the holder company, without any fiscal risk / criminal, leave everything to us!


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