Careers in Accounting - Choose either future careers!

Economic and financial sector is in continuous expansion and our accounting firm follows a similar trend. This is one of the reasons why always we are looking for people with specialized training, arranged to form and refine Accountant Office with the team.

One of our missions is to deal with the activities so that customers in the shortest time to become profitable. We also offer gratitude to all employees interested in newer or older, which give them the opportunity to experiment and progress professionally.

We encourage our specialists stability, both professionally and on a personal level. Because maintaining the balance between aspects of the personal and professional life, allowing them to effectively fulfill every task assigned, all clients and also for the good of the family Accountant Office.

We take our responsibilities seriously all together, entering the portfolio of services provided. Record companies, prepare reports and operation enterprises draw up all the necessary documentation. We handle the payment of wages and respect our employees, whom we meet with flexible working hours.

At the same time, we are open to accept challenges and creative and innovative ideas from customers and staff. The only condition is to have a positive, constructive, forward successfully. We support any solution in the medium term and long term, glimpse a potential growth factor for us, the customer, and employee.

And in all we do, we put energy and passion. We like to work not only individually but as a team. So, if you match our description, if you see something else beyond simply boring office work, if you feel that you might be one of us, we expect you to be part of collective Accounting Office!

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