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Experts in the financial, economic, fiscal

Almost every company in the capital, be it multinational or just PFA, sooner or later it had to seek a accounting Bucharest.

Figure professional practitioner accounting services, Whether a beginner or a simple expert accountant years working in the back, has become a permanent presence both for small businesses and for the most prominent companies.

What are the main causes of bankruptcy company?

without accountant able to eliminate or at least reduce the factors discussion that could threaten the success of a business, owners may face insolvency and then bankruptcy.

But all these inconveniences can be avoided if you know how to recognize and interpret some warning signals like the following:



  • The lack of a business plan and, where appropriate, a sales strategy;
  • Erroneous vision on the potential to positively surprised at the public;
  • Failure to recognize factors that may endanger the company;
  • Ignoring relevant signals, which may mark the beginning of an economic crisis;
  • Mismanagement of financial resources, human, material and information;
  • Abusing impossible or difficult to bank loans repaid in a timely manner;
  • Costs too high with the employees without coverage of the budget;
  • Choosing a wrong locations or uninspired name for the company founded;
  • Neglecting marketing activities and the absence of a budget for investments;
  • Proposing offers anticompetitive neglecting the demands of consumers, etc.


Accountant Bucharest - Skills needed

Any accounting Bucharest (And we refer not only to the specialist team forming office Accountant), When you get to be enrolled in the Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romania (CECCAR), it means that manages to point out a number of skills:

  • Caution enforcement legislation;
  • In depth knowledge of accountancy general financial, etc .;
  • Constantly updating with the latest tax changes;
  • Seriously both within accounting firm, And outside it;


  • Knowledge in the areas of financial, economic, fiscal;
  • The ability to act according to the assigned tasks;
  • Supervise subordinate personnel employed;
  • Attitude compatible with the profession for which is ready;
  • The ability to avoid misapplication of accounting services;
  • Computer skills in order to operate programs accounting;
  • Professional skills able to inspire customer confidence;
  • Fundamentals of law (labor law, commercial, administrative, banking).


What advantages guarantees Accountant Office Bucharest?

Thanks palette accounting services provided by our company, your company can benefit from these advantages:

  • Noticeable increase yield - analyze company data through customized management programs;
  • Optimizing the production cycle - We handle the management of each department and elaborate realistic solutions;
  • Saving costs - Outsourcing to a accounting Bucharest exclude the need for an internal expert;
  • Detection of new market strategies - draw up a business plan objectives reached the point;
  • Without time - Holders business no longer have to engage in activities related salary, business establishment, Etc.

Apart list of guaranteed benefits, we strive to avoid systems rigid, inflexible, difficult to adapt so varied demands. Through our work we aim to always find the right answers and customized solutions, able to create economic opportunities.

It is time to entrust the affairs of chartered accountants in Bucharest treating each case with the same dedication and seriousness! If you contact us, we can grant consulting for financial and fiscal situations you face!

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