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Accounting Firm Accounting Office - Philosophy, mission, values, areas of activity

Accounting firm office Accountant operating in the financial-accountant to support small and medium enterprises, small businesses, and large companies.

Accounting firm - Philosophy

As firm accounting assist any company (SRL, SRL-D, PFA, AF, II, etc.) both before and after registration, covering the whole evolutionary journey.

Since the formation of companies, we provide them accounting services Special respecting legal provisions. Is about assistance and tax advice, survey, salary, business establishmentCustomized based on:


Typology of activity

Markets addressed by

Individual customer needs



The variety of our services and areas covered derives from the fact that there is no single solution to any problem. And such solutions are not solitary, nor their price is not fixed.

Basically, this Accounting Firm not offers attractive rates for extraordinary service, but offers particular in response to requests expressed.

You can find us at the phone number 0725.316.318 or contact us on the mail

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Accounting Firm Accounting Office - Mission

Each team member office Accountant, Wants:

  • Active manner to contribute to increasing the quality of Romanian companies, regardless of their profile;
  • To guide each firm they deal in order to achieve the established objectives, innovative projects and challenges;
  • Entrepreneurs to facilitate the work of staff responsible management activities and internal organization of companies;
  • as the Accounting FirmTo help in better organization and business management, so as to become prosperous;
  • Become a benchmark solid, reliable large and small entrepreneurs, which helps every day;
  • Can establish an effective system of relationships between like-minded entrepreneurs, improving the links between them.



Accounting Firm Accounting Office - Values

We are committed to act properly, respecting values ​​such as:

  • Honesty - Professional ethics and conscience compel us to address honestly everyone we come in contact;
  • Honesty - Do not hide the reality of things and to present you avoid situations as they actually present;
  • Competence - Thirsty for knowledge, we want to be constantly updated, so be sure the proposed solutions;
  • Excellence - not content with less, but expect only what's best both from ourselves and from collaborators or customers;
  • Freedom - the customer finds Accounting Firm only people "open mind", open to new points of view;
  • Joy - We believe that the work that it carried, it can turn into a great cause for satisfaction and joy;
  • Sympathy - Here, every smile is worth more than a thousand words, we like to interact with people;
  • Friendship - the customers and collaborators, we propose as true friends, behaving in friendly manner.



Accounting Firm Accounting Office - Areas of activity

Our company covers a vast area of ​​activity:

  • Assisting clients with personalized services înfiinţări companies from naming pending the registered office;
  • Brokering relationships with government authorities, financial institutions, administrative, the Labour Inspectorate, etc .;
  • completing paperwork accounting and development of all tax data (everything related to the financial statements, economic, heritage, etc.)
  • Tax advice, starting from launching or reorganize (requests for refunds, VAT returns, complaint procedures).



Do not let your competitors' businesses to stay in the shade! Request assistance and tax consulting, payroll, auditing and business establishment, offered by accounting firm Accounting Office!

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