Small business ideas, but profitable for Romania

After more than two and a half decades of democracy in which all tested novel taste capitalism (some more, some less), increase the number of interested parties to open their own business.
Romania XXI century is full of entrepreneurs, businessmen and companies, some of them only on paper. And one of the criteria that contribute to profitable business differentiation of the predestined bankruptcy is considering the legality of the context in which it unfolds.
In other words, it has a decisive say Figure accountant. Depending on the specialization (expert accountant or Chartered accountant), The specialist deals and answers on everything related signature financial situations, Asset valuation, company administration, payments, etc.
On your own or a dependent Accounting FirmAccountant has a role to reveal, even if they work in the shade, away from direct contact with customers, suppliers, etc.
But this is not the argument about who we wanted to talk. With this post, we will continue the series of small business proposals, but with potential for XXI century for our country.
Here are some ideas that could go in Romania today:
1. Dog sitter
Not imagine how many owners of dogs and animals in general are residing in Bucharest. And of these, much is involved in various activities (work, school) which allow them to handle properly the poor dumb.caine_contabil
In this case, even if you want to establish an agency for dog sitter, practical investment is minimal. For starters, if you work alone, you get to talk to a Chartered accountant, To handle primary evidence.
Gradually, when you multiply developers and more people can hire an animal lover. It is time that spending will diversify and appear first salary payment of VAT or the first financial statements.
2. Cleaning Services
And here, the possibilities are endless enter the market, as well as chances to develop yourself. As Bucharest and beyond, the world is full of good that does not have time trebaluitul appliances.
You can concentrate on the services offered to institutions, retail space and office buildings. Then you can diversify the range of offers to clean carpets and sofas or cleaning after construction and maintenance.
Equipment costs, as well as Accounting Firm which at some point will deal with the legality of services, they are also quite low. But even so, you can not neglect.
3. Content Writer
If you know juggle with words and grammar you're not foreign novels, you could try to launch out in the profession of website content writer. It is nothing more than a content writer for web sites.
Market in Romania is just beginning regarding this job and it is a place for everyone. First, studying the technique of drafting so-called optimization methods, and then put yourself in writing.

Startup Stock Photos
You can start with ads on websites that offer jobs or you can enter the forums. As they gained experience and clients, you can create your own website services, planning to write texts more complex and better documented, not just read stories by the fireside.
Did it even drew the attention of one of our proposals? Of course, for each there are other "derivatives" with minimal investment.