Accounting Services

We are providing accounting, IN PACKAGES customized according to each client
Our package is composed of a wide range of services consists of:accountancy,fiscality and salary


Servicii Contabile

MAIN SERVICES account provided are:

  • organizing document flow
  • prepare monthly trial balance
  • Check fiscal vector
  • preparation of payment orders, orders compensation
  • VAT registration
  • completion and processing of accounting records (general ledger, inventory and house buying and selling diary)
  • VAT registration

  • registration of primary documents in accounting computed in accordance with accounting principles
  • Preparation of tax returns and quarterly reports (balance)
  • fixed asset accounting and depreciation calculation
  • registration in the Register of Intra
  • preparation and submission of annual and half-yearly balance sheet
  • establish tax payment and accounting registration
  • filling in and submitting the VAT and other reports and accounting statements